The Enviro Water Design team is dedicated to providing professional compliant environmentally friendly Waste Water Designs & Sewerage Designs Articulation Reports), specifically tailored to meet the long term needs of the client at an affordable cost. 


Our Goal

​We promise to deliver tailored designs to meet clients specific needs, inclusive of all legislative and authority requirements.​


Our Services

Our friendly team deliver detailed compliant designs, to suit the clients long term plans and timelines.​


Our Experience

Our dedicated team leverage their extensive professional experience by being creative, flexible and communicative.​

About Us​

Enviro Water Design is established and operating throughout Queensland, servicing clients across the state in all local government areas.

We leverage our reputable relationships and established lines of communication with planning and approval authorities, to ensure all designs are compliant, efficient and environmentally friendly based on location.​
We aim to meet the long term needs of each client by providing future sustainable solutions at an affordable cost. We understand the importance of considering the ‘future’ in planning, and any foreseeable related costs to upgrade in time to come. It is crucial that a holistic approach to planning is adopted, particularly for new constructions.​
For more complex projects we can meet clients on-site to conduct an assessment, and discuss design options available specifically tailored to the site and conditions.​

Recommendations will incorporate all major applications, off-grid, passive, primary, secondary advanced, and secondary advanced with nutrient removal.

We promise to deliver tailored designs to meet clients specific needs, with maximum flexibility inclusive of all legislative and authority requirements.​

Water Design Services

Our extensive range of water design services include domestic Wastewater Designs for unsewered areas ,domestic, industrial & commercial sewerage , Water Service Design, sanitary plumbing & drainage through to stormwater designs to meet the National Construction Code (NCC).​
Our effluent disposal designs will recommend the wastewater system type (to 20EP) and tank location to achieve the most practical efficient wastewater treatment and disbursement to cater for future development. i.e. future building extensions, shed erections, swimming pools etc.​
Our team will provide professional consultation across a broad range of water design services and design the most suitable, compliant, environmentally friendly, long-term solutions.​

Soil Testing Services ​

Soil types can vary considerably from different geographic areas, even at adjoining building sites.​
Establishing the soil percolation rate is critical step in designing an efficient waste water design and effluent disposal system, while complying with both State and Local Wastewater Code requirements.​
Our team will provide expert consultation across Percolation soil testing services, providing recommended soil test options to address the various regulators requirements.​

Legislative Requirements​

All home construction and waste water designs are covered by several different legislative requirements, which are updated by the respective authorities on a regular basis.​
It is critical that all current Federal, State and Local Authority requirements are considered with essential elements such as land, soil type, elevation, proximity to neighbours, utilities, vegetation and many more.​

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